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  2. Reverse Engineering and Binary Exploitation series: My attempt to introduce the reader to OS security, x86 assembly programming, ELF file format, Buffer-Overflow vulnerability, writing Shellcode, understanding ASLR-W^X-StackCanary, Return-to-Libc, ROP, SROP etc., Most of these posts are hands-on in nature. They involve writing sample vulnerable programs, understanding the problem, understanding a particular exploit method and constructing the exploit by hand.
  3. Personal projects: Documentation of malware analysis, tools to understand certain concept better.
  4. Systems Security papers, summaries and posts: Has some stuff I have done related to Systems security.
  5. Talks, workshops, CTFs
  6. Exploring Rust: I have been using Rust from past an year. I am familiar with basic syntax, features and have fought a bit with the borrow-checker. I wanted to go a step forward to understand the code generated by Rust - what does its abstractions boil down to at the assembly level. Along with that, I wanted to understand Event Driven programming - have written a few posts about how it is done in C (select, poll, epoll) so far. Need to write about how it is done in Rust.
  7. Packet Overflow!: An introduction to Computer Networks, packets, wireshark, network programming - hands-on style.
  8. Setting up a Blog using Jekyll: Steps to setup a simple Github Pages site like this one.