Hello everyone!

I am Adwaith Gautham. I am a software engineer at Cisco Systems, Bangalore. I am part of the Cisco’s MIG(Mass-Scale Infrastructure Group) security team. I did my BTech in Computer Science and Engineering from National Institute of Technology Karnataka, batch of 2020.

Got introduced to Systems security in my first year of college through a workshop conducted by my seniors. Have been fascinated about it ever since.

I explored offensive security to start with - vulnerabilities, exploit methods, binary analysis. Currently, I am exploring stuff related to Pre-OS state - BIOS, UEFI, Firmware, Firmware security and analysis, Reversing firmware etc., Apart from this, I have also spent some time understanding TPM, concept of Root-of-Trust, Formal logic and Solvers.

All the opinions expressed here is my own and does not represent my employer or anyone else.

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  2. I love playing CTFs. My college team is ReasonablySuspiciousActivity. Now defunct :(
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Some personal stuff I would like to share

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